Friday, May 29


Hi Stampers! One thing about my Stampin' Up! craft area that I enjoy the most, is seeing all my supplies neat and orderly. Okay, so I am a little OCD but aren't we all! LOL.

But and this is a big BUT, I hate that when I put my punches into the storage unit I have that is made by a company called Stamp n Storage the labels are all upside down. Also, because I am on the older side of life it hurts my brain when I look at the upside down images and try to convert them to right side up so I know what they are!  I decided today to remove all my labels!..... and here is how I did it. ENJOY!


Debbie Mageed said...

It drives me crazy, too! I don't know if I will attempt this but SU should make the company do them right-side up!

Diane - said...

What a great tip for removing the punch labels, especially the part out pulling UP... however,,,,, I must stack my punches on end where the current label orientation works for me.
I will continue to be envious of all of the demos out there that DO OWN that punch storage system. So cool but not in my pocket book at the moment. Hugs.

Georgia Tuttle said...

Where are you? I hop all is well with you and yours! Come back! Georgia